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I graduated from the Madrid Royal Conservatory of Dance in 2012 after studying the ballet career. Immediately after, I joined Ballet Mainz with an internship during the 2012-2013 season under Pascal Touzeau's direction to perform his Swan Lake version.

       In 2013, back in Madrid, I started to take workshops with international artists, slowly diving into deepen aspects of contemporary dance. During that period I still collaborated with independent dance companies like caraBdanza, and choreographers like Ana Catalina Román. In 2016, I accepted a job with Proart, an important dance institution in Queretaro (Mexico). As part of my duties there, I taught ballet classes, choreographed for the young company and performed at events and festivals such as Ibérica Contemporánea (2017 edition). In addition to my job at Proart, I collaborated with the regional artists, especially with the dance company Veozdanza, led by Rayito Zamudio. A part of one piece I did with Veozdanza, won the first place at the Ibérica Contemporánea Dance Competition.



       During my time in Mexico I missed working full time as a dancer and exploring the endless possibilities of movement lenguages, so I decided to focus back on that and I joined the BODYTRAFFIC Spring workshop 2017. After that experience I quit my job in Mexico for the next season to immerse myself in the United States dance style. I took classes with BODYTRAFFIC, Millenium Dance Complex, Eden Studios in Los Angeles and Peridance Center and Steps on Broadway  in New York.

    On 2018 I came back to Madrid to start the Contemporary Dance and Choreography Bachellor at the Conservatory María de Ávila in Madrid, but without giving up freelance jobs as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. During this time, I was funded to create Cartes postales d'un migrant, a collaboration with the musician Pepe Pereira and the dance company Led Silhouette, led by Jony López and Martxel Rodríguez. I presented an extract of the piece to the Young Artist Competition in Madrid, where I won another first prize. Along with this production and my studies, I  also worked as a choreographer and movement director for Igloo productions between 2018 and 2020 and as a teacher for the ACADE dance professional exams.

       Unfortunately a knee injury stopped me for six months, but after my recovery process, the wish of learning more and getting in touch with different artists brought me to Mannheim. I first participated in the Artistic Development Program in Freiburg, and one month later I began working in the opera Wozzeck at the Staatstheater Karlsruhe, but then the lockdown began. Despite the pandemic, I collaborated performing some solos with the Nostostanztheater dance company in Heidelberg.  Furthermore, my piece States was selected to be part of the dance festivals Solo Coreografico and ZUKUNFT TANZ in Frankfurt. In October 2020 I finally decided to be based in Mannheim, where I keep working not just as a dancer, but also as a teacher and a choreographer. 

        Since I moved to Mannheim, I worked and performed in different venues and with different artists, constantly learning from each one of them. Some of them are Eric Trottier, Michelle Cheung, Julie Pécard, Sade Mamedova, Magdalena Weniger, Pablo Sansalvador, Miriam Markl, Crystal Schüttler, Amelia Eisen, Richard Oberserven... Some of them are part of the professional dance association "Flux e.V.", of which I have been an active member since 2023, participating in different events like the "Shared Spaces" festival 2023.

         I also had the pleasure of creating different dance pieces for LionsArt Mannheim, ZUKUNFT TANZ, and Theater Felina-Areal. As a teacher, I teach contemporary dance in Dance Professional Mannheim, Aki Kato Tanzstudio, or Eintanzhaus. In addition to these works, my PROFCAST project was funded by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland within the program DIS-TANZEN, where I developed the podcast format as a supportive training tool for professional dancers.

      I combined my professional activity with my studies, finishing my Dance Bachelor at Conservatorio Superior de Danza María de Ávila in 2023. Therefore, right now I´m focused on polishing and developing my own artistic language while keeping my role as a performer and teacher. This is possible thanks to the support I receive from different institutions, like Theaterfestival Schwindelfrei 2023, ProFitArt, EinTanzHaus and Theater Felina-Areal. 

       Since January 2024 I´m also engaged as a dancer in Volkstheater Rostock while I keep choreographing and dancing for the independent dance scene in Mannheim. My new creation will be premiere in November 2024.

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