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2024. Member of Volkstheater Rostock.

Directors: Keith Chein, Daniele Varallo, Laura Witzleben


2024. Selcouth. Premiered in Theater Felina-Areal

Choreography: Sade Mamedova
Dancers: Sade Mamedova and Martina Martín

2023. Tanztrialog. Transregional project supported by EinTanzHaus (Mannheim), TanzLabor Ulm (Ulm) and E-Werk (Freiburg).

Choreographers (with the collaboration of the dancers): Magdalena Weniger, Pablo Sansalvador and Julie Pécard.

Dancers: Martina Martín, Alfonso Fernández, Unita Gay and Cecilia Ponteprimo. Premiered in Roxy Ulm, EinTanzHaus and E-Werk

2023. e2-e4. Premiered in Theater Felina-Areal, Mahheim 

Choreography and dance: Martina Martín, Miriam Markl, Sade Mamedova, Richard Oberserven, Amelia Eisen, Cedric Bauer, Vladimir Staicu, Joelina Rietsche, Rebecca Häusler, Luches Hundleton, Giovanni de Buono, Mike Planz 

2022. Us from La Trottier Dance Collective. Premiered in EinTanzHaus, Mannheim

Choreographer: Eric Trottier in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Martina Martín, Georgia Begbie, Seung Lee, WooSang Jeon and Laura Börtlein.

2022. Inselnsommer as part of Ludwigshafen Summer Festival

Choreography and dance: Sade Mamedova and Martina Martín

2022. ZU-KUNST as part of LionsArt art exhibition in Alten Schildkrötfabrik, Mannheim

Choreography and dance: Martina Martín, Georgia Begbie, and Sade Mamedova


2022. Tribute to a woman´s body, premiered in Theater Felina-Areal.

Choreography: Sade Mamedova. Dancer: Martina Martín. Music: Delia Derbyshire


2022. Sinapsis. Premiered in Theater Felina-Areal

Choreography and dance: Martina Martín and Rocío Peluaga

2021. Thinking views by La Trottier Dance Collective

Choreography: Eric Trottier. Dancers: Martina Martín, Laura Börtlein, Seung Lee and Katharina Wiederhofer

2021. Follow Lucky by La Trottier Dance Collective.

Choreography: Eric Trottier

Performers: Martina Martín, Lisa Bless, Lorenzo Ponteprimo, Pascal Sagn, Katharina Wiederhofer, Georgia Begbie, Peter Hinz, Steffan Dix, Pascal, Luches Huddleston

2021. Nostostanztheater. Different pieces and performances in Mannheim and Heidelberg 

Director: Christina Liakopoiloy


2021. Deep in, open air piece premiered in Rettingen.

Choregraphy: Crystal Schütler.

Dancers: Martina Martín, Sarah Herr, Rebecca Häusler, Amelia Eisen





2019. Cartes postales d´un migrante. Premiered in CC. Eduardo Úrculo, Madrid

Choreography: Led Silhouette.

Dancers: Martina Martín, Judit Mateu, Rocío Peluaga, Marcos Martincano and Javier de la Asunción. Original music: Pepe Pereira


2015-2017. Dancer, teacher, and choreographer at Proart, Mexico





2013-2015. Dancer at caraBdanza dance company

Director: Gonzalo Díaz

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