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2023. Whimsical Paranoia. Residency and showing in KD Mlejn, Prague, supported by festival the Theaterfestival Schwindelfrei 2023 and ProFitArt 
Concept: Martina Martín in collaboration with the performers

Performers: Martina Martín, Lorenzo Ponteprimo, Sade Mamedova
Light design: Vojtěch Brtnický









2023.  Another serious piece, part II. Premiered in Theater Felina-Areal, Mannheim

Choreography (in collaboration with the dancers): Martina Martín. Dancers: Amelia Eisen,  Rebecca Häusler and Cecilia Ponteprimo. Music: Delia Derbyshire and George Bizet














2023. e2-e4. Premiered in Theater Felina-Areal, Mahheim 

Choreography and dance: Martina Martín, Miriam Markl, Sade Mamedova, Richard Oberserven, Amelia Eisen, Cedric Bauer, Vladimir Staicu, Joelina Rietsche, Rebecca Häusler, Luches Hundleton, Giovanni de Buono, Mike Planz. Music: Manuel Göttsching


2022. Reflections. Premiered in Theater Felina-Areal

Choreography: Martina Martín. Dancer: Georgia Begbie. Music free of copyright



2022. Inselnsommer as part of Ludwigshafen Summer Festival

Choreography and dance: Sade Mamedova and Martina Martín

2022. ZU-KUNST as part of LionsArt art exhibition in Alten Schildkrötfabrik, Mannheim

Choreography and dance: Martina Martín, Georgia Begbie, and Sade Mamedova. Live and original music: Peter Hinz









2022. Sinapsis. Premiered in Theater Felina-Areal

Choreography and dance: Martina Martín and Rocío Peluaga. Music: Pepe Pereira and Laurie Spiegel


2021. States, premiered in Gallus Theater as part of Zukunft Tanzt festival and Solo Coreografico, Frankfurt

Dance and choreography: Martina Martín. Music: Pepe Pereira
















2020. One last time, premiered online from Theater Felina-Areal

Choreography: Martina Martín. Dancer: Sarah Wünsch. Music: Pepe Pereira










2019. Cartes postales d´un migrante, premiered at Centro Cultural Eduardo Úrculo.

Co-production between Martina Martín, Pepe Pereira, and the dance company Led Silhouette. Dancers: Martina Martín, Rocío Peluaga, Marcos Martincano, Javier de la Asunción y Judit Mateu.

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